Having a second home is a blessing, especially in this atypical year when many families have decided not to travel to avoid catching the covid-19. But, whether it is on the beach, in the mountains or in the middle of the city and whether it is to enjoy weekends or holidays, maintaining another home in addition to the usual one carries a cost. According to the OCU, the cost is around 1,800 euros per year on average.

That is why it is important to avoid unnecessary expenses, and how can this be achieved? Ariston, the firm specialised in heating and hot water solutions, assures that it is important to ventilate so that no humidity comes out, to unplug electrical appliances and devices such as televisions when they are not being used or to invest in a good electric boiler.

We summarize the advice that the company summarizes in a study to save in the maintenance of a second home:

  • Reduce energy costs. The company explains that simple actions such as unplugging all the appliances to eliminate the ‘stand by’, changing the lighting in the home for low consumption bulbs or buying high energy class electrical appliances can save you hundreds of euros a year. Also, remember that poor management or choice of heating, air conditioning, boiler and even internet systems can cause infinite costs.
  • Avoid humidity. One of the main problems of having a house closed for a long time is the appearance of humidity. Stains on the walls or simply the smell they give off can be very difficult to remove if it is not done in time. To do this, the basic recommendation is to ventilate the house from time to time and thus renew the air.
  • Invest in a good electric thermos flask. «Sometimes spending a little more makes us save in the future», says Ariston, who adds that «due to their capacity to adapt, easy installation and small dimensions, electric thermos flasks stand out as the best solution for second homes. In addition, they are the best system that also allows us to be more ecological by not using fossil fuels to operate».
  • Investing in connectivity. Although at first sight it may seem an unnecessary expense, in the long term it can become a significant saving. In this sense, the company stresses that technology in the home not only allows for greater comfort, but also allows you to anticipate changes in climate. «Planning a trip and being sure that your second home is waiting for you in perfect condition, whether it’s hot or cool, will help you focus on other tasks. In short, it will save you money in the long term, time and peace of mind that is priceless», he insists.
  • Making your home profitable. One way to avoid dampness and keep the house looked after is to rent it, which also allows the owner to earn an additional income. As well as renting it out for a few weeks in the summer (a profitable alternative for a house on the coast, for example), another option is to rent it out at an affordable price during the months when the house is not enjoyed, which means that you can get an extra budget that can be reinvested in improvements to the house.