As usual, the world’s richest people look to Paris or New York for a luxury home to live in. And for this year, these major cities have been joined by Miami, Tokyo, London and, once again, Madrid, which once again occupies ninth place among the preferred cities for these billionaires, according to the Barnes Index City 2023. Barcelona moves straight into 21st place, while Milan and Rome climb to 10th and 11th place, respectively. Lisbon is also among the top 25 cities.

Among the most searched cities in this category, Paris stands out, climbing to the top spot, unseating two U.S. destinations, Miami and New York, where the wealthy have headed in the wake of the pandemic, along with the Texas city of Austin. The two Italian cities of Milan, in tenth place, and Rome in eleventh place, have been among those that have climbed the most positions in the index this year, along with Dubai (UAE), which is in fifth position.

Madrid consolidates its place in the ‘top 10’ of the preferred destinations to live among the richest, along with Tokyo, London and Geneva, while Barcelona enters new in this ranking, directly to the 21st position. It has only been surpassed by Istanbul among the ‘new signings’ of the richest in the world to live.